We are an interdisciplinary consultancy company created in 2010 and specialized in environmental, social-cultural and public sector management matters. Our commitment is to sustainable, resilient, and regenerative development through good resource governance and efficient risk management, within sound institutional frameworks.



We strive to conceive, design and implement custom-made institutional solutions, tailored to the needs and characteristics of our clients’ projects, aiming to promote the wellbeing and equity amongst all parties involved.


To be a company well known for its leadership in innovation and quality of services, that works in harmony with the natural and cultural heritage, thus creating sustainable value to society, associates, partners and clients.


Global health

Synergy of public and private sectors

Sustainable territorial development

Public infrastructure

Civic participation and free, prior and informed consent

Agricultural and forestry development

Education, science and technology

Public management

Sustainable tourism development

Climate change, water and food security

Community relationship management

Cultural heritage and indigenous people

Environmental management

Economic, social and cultural rights


Social Assessments

- Socioeconomic baseline and assessment
- Social-political and institutional risk analysis
- Identification and quantification of gaps in public services at different subnational jurisdictions en lugar de regional, provincial, district
- Socioeconomic and intercultural studies
- Stakeholder mapping
- Human rights impact assessments
- Institutional performance, analysis and assessments

Environmental Assessments

- Social-environmental due diligence
- Economical productivity baseline studies and renewable natural resources inventory
- Biological studies

Planning and implementation

- Programs and projects of corporate social responsibility
- Community engagement and relations plans
- Customized design and implementation of multistakeholder frameworks and processes
- Public sector management training
- Business plans for small producers / farmers
- Community development planning
- Participatory environmental monitoring training.
- Technical and administrative assistance on public investment
- Biological monitoring


- Public investment and project development
- Awareness and management of internal (inter-area) and external (interest groups) cultural differences to optimize relationships and coordination - Transition to ad hoc remote work (agile processes, changes of methodologies and applications) - Development of Private Initiatives and management of Work for Taxes


- Advisory /assessment service of public sector investment projects. Invierte.pe (Peruvian investment system)
- Advisory service on research/inquiry, development and innovation projects - I+D+i


Cinthya Cuadros

Director and General Manager

Licensed biologist from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, with more than 10 years of experience providing services related to environmental and social matters, for national and transnational companies for the mining sector. Consultant and advisor pertaining: development and public sector investment best use, projects of public sector development under tax deduction law, institutional strengthening to improve capacity and quality of public spending, and the obtaining of additional funds for projects execution. Likewise, an advisor promoting inter institutional public private synergies, to achieve a sustainable concerted development.

Alejandro Camino

Research, development and innovation Director

Licensed and Magister in Anthropology from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and University of Michigan, with more than 20 years of experience working with multidisciplinary teams and leaders promoting rural development and results-based management. Working experience in the Amazon, Andean, Mexican and Caribbean regions, as well as, Central Asia and East Africa. Consultant to a diversity of International institutions and private sector companies with matters of: rural development, community relations, natural resources management, rural tourism development, institutional development, and natural and cultural heritage conservation. Well known career trajectory as university professor in Peru, United States, Western Europe, Mexico and Central Asia. A great number of publications related to his areas of expertise.

Eduardo Bryce

Executive Director

Alumni of law school from Pontificia Universidad Católica in Peru, and with Ph.D. studies in anthropology at New York University, he has more than 30 years’ experience in the promotion and defense of human rights, and more than 15 years of experience in social and environmental consultancy for the extractive industry. International experience in design of customized institutional arrangements, community relations along the different stages of miming projects, risk evaluation, due diligence, social environmental impact assessment, community engagement, and communication strategies, human rights impact assessment, among others.

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